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About Shenandoah Rents

Located in central Michigan, Shenandoah Rents was born out of a love of creating jaw dropping, one of a kind events with unique rentals that create the curated event of your dreams.  Our goal is to simplify the hectic event planning process and be your #1 choice for the pieces you need, at a price that doesn't blow your whole budget.  Owned and operated by two designer moms with a love of vintage pickin’, we pride ourselves on bringing top notch design details that make your event unforgettable.


We’re Amy and Brandi.  Or Brandi and Amy.  But whatever we are, we’re the method to the madness … or some days, we’re just the madness (just ask our husbands!).  We’ve been friends for years and kindred spirits.  We share a love of business, vintage goods, old farmhouses, horses, redoing spaces, and you can always find us with something up our sleeves.  We’ve owned brick and mortars, remodeled houses, designed home spaces, storefront displays, and I guess you can say we have a knack for tapping into our creative sides.  But most of all, we really just love creating beauty that others can enjoy and making our clients smile.

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