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Okay, so HOW EXACTLY does renting from Shenandoah Rents work?

We love that question! It should be no surprise that we also love cool, unique, and vintage stuff.  As designers that totally dig helping create killer events, we have a large curated collection of really cool rentals to make your event memorable. Due to logistics, we service events from March - mid November.


Renting is pretty simple actually! You enter your event date (Thursday before your event - Monday after your event), select items from our collections that you’re interested in, add them to your wishlist, and submit your wishlist to us.  We will confirm inventory availability and respond back with our proposal.  After reviewing our proposal and confirming it’s exactly what you want, you then follow the next steps of paying the 50% non-refundable deposit and signing the legal nitty gritty.  You know we like the pretty stuff but alas, our legal team says we have to include the “not fun” stuff like a contract too. *sigh*  Once paid and signed, your unique rents are officially reserved as YOURS for your special event! We do have a $100 minimum order.


Our rentals are a Thursday - Monday rental, with a pickup and drop off only option currently. About a month prior to your event, we will be in contact to schedule your prompt pickup time and we highly recommend designating a person/moving company in advance that will be responsible for pickup and drop off after the event for your rentals so you don’t have to stress. Promptness with pickup and drop-off times is very important as we service many events per week. Our rentals require a clean enclosed trailer with items like moving blankets and ratchet straps for securing. No one likes headaches the days leading up to a special event, so we’re happy to make this process as smooth as possible!  

Ready to see what is available in the shop?

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